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Jiangsu Zhongjin Matai Medicinal Packaging Co.,Ltd
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Jiangsu Zhongjin Matai Medicinal Packaging Co., Ltd ,located in Lianyungang Econ. & Tech. Development Zone,was originally founded in 1987. In 2004,Joint Venture with Nihon Matai Co.,Ltd was founded under the name of “Jiangsu Zhongjin Matai Medicinal Packaging Co.,Ltd”.After more than twenty years’efforts, Zhongjin Matai has developed into a specialized pharmaceutical packaging company with the broadest product scale and most advanced facilities in China pharmaceutical packaging industry.
With capital assets of 400,000,000 RMB and 90,000 square meters geographic coverage, Zhongjin Matai has four GMP factories and one packaging material research and development center. More than 60% of Zhongjin employees have university or college diploma.
All the facilities of Zhongjin Matai were imported from Japan, Switzerland,etc. The four GMP factories are supplying different sorts of packaging material to more than ten industries Zhongjin Matai's annual production capacity is 9500 metric tons packaging material for pharmaceutical, chemical, food ,cosmetic and electronic industries. Especially for pharmaceutical packaging industry, we share about 40% of china pharmaceutical packaging market, and now is one of the biggest suppliers in Asian Pacific region.
Invested by State Pharmaceutical Administration Bureau, Lianyungang Medicinal Packaging Factory kicked off its construction in 1987.
With 24,000,000 RMB investments Lianyungang Medicinal Packaging Factory started production and became the largest ¨Cscale PTP factory in China in 1989.
In 1993, Lianyungang Medicinal Packaging Factory was renamed into Lianyungang Zhongjin Medicinal Packaging Co., Ltd. The product of aluminum blister foil shared 50% of domestic market.
In 1994, with more than 50,000,000 RMB investment, production line for soft packaging material was introduced, then Zhongjin became the first pharmaceutical packaging company with GMP plants in China.
In 1996, Zhongjin was promoted to be state-owned large size enterprise, and awarded as Jiangsu province hi-tech company.
In 1998, Zhongjin passed ISO9001 certification, and was the first passing this certification in Chinese pharmaceutical packaging industry.
In 2000, National Technology Office ratified Zhongjin as the national Pilot High-tech Enterprise. Also in 2000, province-level packaging material developing & research center was established. 
In 2002, the third factory started production.
In 2003, the project of NON-PVC film for medical solution pouch started production. ISO14001 was also obtained in 2003. 
In 2004, JV was founded with Nihon Matai Co.,Ltd, and company name changed to “Jiangsu Zhongjin Matai Medicinal Packaging Co.,Ltd”